How to Play Super Auto Pets on iPhone

Super Auto Pets is an iOS-compatible auto battler game that lets you build a team of pet characters, level them up, and set them to battle other teams in a free-to-play format. If you’re searching for an enjoyable new game to play on your iPhone, read on to discover how easy it is to get started playing Super Auto Pets on your device.


Super Auto Pets is an enjoyable auto-chess game with vibrant visuals and intricate strategic depth. You construct your team of adorable animals with special abilities, level them up, and set them free in automated battles that are mostly random free. With Super Auto Pets you can build the perfect team!

In addition to the standard pets, you can unlock upgrades and special pets that boost your stats or increase damage output in combat. These synergies add another level of strategy to the game and make you incredibly powerful against other players when combined with your favorite animal companions.

Overall, super auto pets is an enjoyable mobile game that’s easy to get into. The visuals are charming and you’ll have lots of fun playing with friends or against others online. Unfortunately, progress past the early stages can be tricky; but if you can conquer this hurdle then it will be well worth your time and effort!

I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing auto-chess with a friendly twist. I can’t wait to see what new content they bring us in the future! Thanks for reading – have an awesome day!


Super Auto Pets on iOS is an engaging free-to-play auto battler in which you create a team of pets with unique abilities and then set them loose to battle other teams. Everything moves at your own pace in this relaxing auto battler, with Arena mode offering relaxed asynchronous multiplayer without timers or Versus mode where you must decide how best to attack other teams in an intense synchronous game with fast decision-making.

Super Auto Pets offer a unique combination of abilities that you can mix and match to create powerful combinations that could make the difference between winning and losing. When an ant faints (gets knocked out by another pet), it buffs a randomly chosen pet in your team with +1 health and attack; similarly, horses boost stats for each newly summoned pet while roosters spawn weaker units upon fainting. This variety will test your strategy as you decide which pets to level up, sell or buy.

Each round begins with 10 gold, which you can use to purchase pets or buffs. Buying more of the same pet will increase its base stats and unlock a higher-tier pet to purchase. Buffs generally apply directly onto the pets themselves, increasing attack and health stats temporarily or permanently as they level up. The more pets in your team, the more powerful these buffs become; additionally, selling old pets allows for level upgrades as well. All in all, super auto pets on iPhone is an enjoyable and captivating game that will keep you engaged for hours!


Super Auto Pets’ leveling system may seem complex at first glance, but some of the higher-level pets offer more promise than others and could potentially be worth investing coins for. For instance, buffed fish is an enjoyable gimmick that can buff later units and win some early battles. Other impressive achievements include camel-peacock synergy or horse-cricket-honey combo buffing 1 attack/1 health unit into a 2/1 unit.

Super Auto Pets offers players a unique selection of symbiotic pets, with the buffed hedgehog being one example. Additionally, buffed ducks can offer more than just aesthetic value. We hope this guide has provided some guidance in selecting interesting units to play with in your next Super Auto Pets game.


Battles on iPhone are an excellent way to test your strategic skillset. You build a team of adorable pets with unique abilities that you can combine together in order to attack other teams and win their hearts. Arena or versus mode requires quick decision-making with no timers or limits on winning, while standard packs and custom packs offer deck-building enthusiasts hours of enjoyable gameplay.

Super auto pets on iPhone have stunning visuals, coupled with an easy-to-get-into-rhythm auto chess style of gameplay that will have you hooked for hours. But battles can get complex quickly, often requiring you to decide which pet needs leveling up first in order to increase its attack or health – a daunting task considering combining pets’ powers is so essential for victory! Furthermore, super auto pets are highly addictive so expect yourself to spend your free time playing just to keep up with levels and unlock new pets!

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