How toHow to Make Neon Pets in Adopt Me: Helpful...

How to Make Neon Pets in Adopt Me: Helpful Guide


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Neon pets are a unique breed that glows in certain spots on their body. They can be created in the Neon Cave by merging four full-grown pets of the same species, similar to how an aging regular pet would. Players must complete tasks to reach each stage in the Neon pet’s life cycle until it reaches full maturity.


Players in Adopt Me can raise their pets’ levels from Newborn to Full Grown by completing tasks. Once this stage is reached, they become eligible for Neon making in the Neon Cave.

To create a Neon pet in Adopt Me, players must place four fully grown pets of similar type onto glowing circles within the Neon Cave in order to fuse their spirits together and create one unique Neon with glowing circles around certain parts of its body.

Neon Cave

Neon pets have a unique glow around certain parts of their bodies. Players can create Neon pets in the Neon Cave by fusing four full-grown pets of one species together and placing them onto four glowing circles surrounding the edge of the platform – this will coalesce them into one single pet with glowing ‘neons’ in different spots around its body.

Neon pets cannot be made into Neons due to certain restrictions. These include Pet Rock (not to be confused with the Rock), Scoob, Pumpkin (Pet), and 2D Kitty – limited and removed from player inventories after a certain amount of time so they cannot be obtained through regular make-pet processes.

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Neon Pets

In the world of pet adoption games, Neon pets stand out as unique and coveted breeds with their vibrant and glowing features. These pets are available in a variety of colors and have a special aura around certain parts of their body that sets them apart from other pets. To create a Neon pet, players need to merge four fully grown pets of the same species inside the Neon Cave.

The process of creating a Neon pet can be quite challenging, as it requires a bit of guesswork and luck. However, players who successfully navigate the Neon Cave and merge four pets of the same species together will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind Neon pet. These pets are highly sought after by other players in the game, as they cannot be transferred or sold.

It’s important to note that if you do decide to sell or trade your Neon pet, be prepared to pay a hefty price. Neon pets are rare and valuable, and other players will be willing to pay a premium for them. If you’re having trouble creating a Neon pet on your own, consider enlisting the help of friends. Working together to merge pets in the Neon Cave can be a fun and rewarding experience, and it can also increase your chances of successfully creating a Neon pet.


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