How to Get Rainbow Pets in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X offers an exciting array of pets to collect. They can be acquired through trading eggs, the Exclusive Store, toy merch codes, or free gifts. There are even rare Rainbow, Golden, and Dark Matter pets hidden throughout the game – discover how you can get one today! Obtaining A Rainbow Pet A rainbow … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rats in Yard Without Harming Pets

Rats can cause extensive destruction to your home and garden in a short amount of time, as well as spreading diseases that could be transmitted to pets or humans. Therefore, eliminating rats is essential for your own well-being – both for their physical well-being, as well as that of any pets present. To prevent rats … Read more

How to Help Pets in Ukraine: Tips For Animal Lovers

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused millions of people to flee their homes, but it also left many animals suffering. Animals that have been starved, injured, or abandoned due to this conflict need your help in order to survive. IFAW has launched an emergency feeding program to guarantee food is available to shelters and zoos … Read more

How to Keep Pets Off Furniture: Tips and Tricks

Pets make wonderful additions to any home, but they also bring with them a certain level of risk. Shedding, scratching and even “accidents” can cause significant damage to expensive furniture due to their claws. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep your furry friends off of your furniture and shield it from lasting … Read more

How to Keep Turtles as Pets: A Guide To Habitat Setup

Turtles have become a popular pet choice among many due to their low maintenance requirements and ease of upkeep. However, these animals can spread salmonella, so exercise caution when handling them. If you want a turtle as your pet, it is essential to understand its needs. You will need to provide them with food, water, … Read more

How to Level Up Pets in Black Desert Online (BDO)

Pets are essential in Black Desert Online (BDO), as they will automatically follow your character around and loot corpses for you. Depending on your level, pets can be leveled up to 5 tiers. Each tier provides various buffs and rewards, such as Life Skill Buff and Combat Experience. Furthermore, each tier has its own special … Read more