How to Play Super Auto Pets Pack 3 [Solution Guide]

Super Auto Pets is an exciting, free-to-play auto battler that provides endless ways to build your team. With an array of pets and abilities, there’s something for everyone in this guide – from the basics to expanding your deck with more expansions!

Battle Pets

Battle Pets are the main way to earn gold in Super Auto Pets. There is a vast selection of pets available, each with its own special abilities – it’s up to you to build the ideal team!

Every turn you are given a single action to perform: “lay an egg” (place a pet card face down), “play an event card” OR “use a pet’s skill”. Most pets’ skills work better when used together consecutively, so be mindful when applying them.

Some powerful battle pets include a Level 1 kangaroo, a Level 2 sheep, a whale, and a shark. Kangaroos provide an instant buff of +2/+2 every time the pet in front of them attacks while sheep produce two 2/2 rams upon fainting. A whale can deal up to 7 damage before fainting while sharks consume the pet before it faints and return it as 1/1 after consumption.

Other battle pets to consider include hedgehogs, badgers, and a peacock. Hedgehogs and badgers both work to reduce your opponents’ health while peacocks produce an attack buff when taken damage.

To maximize the effects of battle pets, it’s best to utilize them early in a game. Remember that some of the stronger pets require time stones which can be obtained from playing Event cards or hoarding them. These time stones allow you to re-use certain skills and maximize your pet’s powers.

Level Up

Super Auto Pets is an engaging free-to-play game that lets you build a pet lineup at your leisure. Standard packs provide plenty of choice, but for even greater fun, upgrade with some expansions. One recent addition to the SAP family is the weekly pack – featuring randomly selected pets for testing out.

Here is the creme de la creme of supercharged pets. For fans of variety, this pack has it all – top-tier pets are sure to please with their impressive stats and will bring smiles every time they appear on your side of the screen. Best of all? You’ll never run out of pet power again with these endless inventory options! Go ahead and stock up now!


Super Auto Pets offers players the unique challenge of building their own pet team. Choose from an array of cute creatures and match them up with specialized pets to stand a chance against rival teams. The most recent update includes new mini-games to keep things exciting. It may be wise to build a deck out of standard pets since each one is unique and can be used for some truly satisfying combos.

Weekly Packs

Super Auto Pets is a fun, free-to-play synchronous pet battler with unique pets and thrilling battles. It’s ideal for players who want to start playing quickly and build an army of adorable and unique pets!

The game offers weekly packs that provide players with a completely random set of pets. While this can be an exciting opportunity to acquire new and interesting pets, keep in mind that not every animal will fit well into your squad. For instance, having a lioness won’t help improve your squad if you don’t also have a hammer shark, or chicken on board; thus, this flaw may severely restrict your options.

Thankfully, there are a variety of amazing food items in the game to help build your team and take battles to the next level. Discover more about these items and learn how to utilize them in the super auto pets decks below! The tier list was curated through community voting so be sure to take a look for an overview of the top super auto pets.

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