How to Watch The Secret Life of Pets Online

When their owners leave for work, pets have a life of their own. Explore the adventures they embark on after leaving their humans in this hilarious animated comedy. The Secret Life of Pets follows Max, a quiet terrier named Max, and his animal friends as they discover their secrets after their owners leave them. Join … Read more

Why Does My Cat Cry at Night?

If your cat cries during the night, you may want to investigate the cause. The reasons for this behavior can be age-related, insecurities, or even medical conditions. Your vet can provide you with an accurate diagnosis, and offer solutions to your specific situation. The best way to handle your cat’s crying problem is to seek … Read more

Homemade Dog Anti Itch Spray

A homemade dog anti-itch spray is a great way to give your dog quick, natural relief from itchy skin. While it won’t cure the problem completely, it can help your dog until it gets proper vet care. This antiitch solution is made from several ingredients that are both healthy and affordable. These include Lavender essential … Read more