How to Get Pets in Sims 4: Guide For Pet Lovers

According to a new report from Sims Community, some lines of code in “The Sims 4” indicate the imminent arrival of furry four-legged friends. These codes appear to reference cats and dogs. The Cats & Dogs expansion pack brings your Sims an array of adorable pets, such as cats, dogs, raccoons and foxes. Additionally, it … Read more

Why Do Kittens Meow So Much?

You may be wondering why kittens meow so much. Female cats are louder than males. Irrespective of breed, there are some health problems that may be causing excessive meowing. Here are a few causes: You may be neglecting your kitten, or he is afraid of loud noises. Siamese And Burmese kittens Meow Loudly If you … Read more