How to Get Pets in Warframe: Get Your Own Companian

Warframe is a third-person shooter set in an ancient galaxy, where players take control of Tenno warriors. It offers fast-paced combat, stealth elements, and an intriguing lore which may not be easy to decipher at first.

Warframe boasts diverse gameplay, from third-person shooter to action role-playing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to acquire pets in Warframe so that you can play with them!

Stealth Warframes

Warframe Warframe’s Warframes are an integral part of the game, each possessing their own special abilities. Some excel more when it comes to teamwork, while others can be just as adept at seizing territory.

Warframes are powerful weapons with great damage potential and offer versatility in teamplay and solo scenarios. Plus, they’re incredibly fun to play – making them an excellent addition to any group.

Warframes come in 48 distinct varieties, each with its own special power set. It can be difficult to select the ideal frame for a given situation if there are so many available.

Stealth Warframes are ideal for sneaking up on animals without them noticing you. Their stealth abilities allow you to incapacitate them before they have time to react, while some even possess non-lethal abilities that enable you to quickly inflict damage while remaining more covert than other Warframes.

Ivara can become invisible with her Prowl ability, allowing you to capture Bolarolas from long range without them even noticing you are there. However, be mindful when using this power because animals can still detect when you’re hidden; therefore, put some distance between yourself and the animal before taking your shot.

Equinox is an ideal candidate for Conservation missions due to her powerful Night form that can put animals to sleep from far distances. This makes her the ideal Warframe to sneak up on prey and take them out of their element – though be wary since Equinox’s Night form has the potential to easily kill a target when not in it.

Tranq Rifles

Warframe uses Tranq Rifles to capture and preserve animals for conservation. This is beneficial as it helps conserve many species while guaranteeing that animals can live on planets without fear of human intervention.

To acquire a Tranq Rifle, you must visit The Business in Fortuna (Venus) or Master Teasonai in Cetus. In order to gain access to these syndicates, you must have achieved sufficient rank and standing with them.

Once you have your Tranq Rifle, make sure it is equipped in your gear wheel before entering open-world areas of Earth. Additionally, you should purchase some Echo Lures which can aid in hunting.

Your Tranq Rifle can help put animals to sleep, making them easier to capture. Simply activate the scope feature while zooming in and looking around with the gun.

Once you’ve located the animal you want, use Equinox’s rest ability on it. This works similarly to using the sleep arrow that comes with your Quiver, but from a much greater range without needing direct aim at the target.

This strategy is especially successful with Virminks and Kubrodons, as it keeps them from getting alarmed by your scent. You may need to shoot the animal several times before it becomes subdued.

Echo Lure

Echo Lure is a non-combat activity that involves tracking, luring, and capturing local animals. It’s an excellent way to earn Standing, tags, and pets in Warframe as well as earn some extra cash or reputation with Syndicates.

Before players can begin hunting, they must equip a Tranq Rifle and Echo Lure that can be purchased from The Business in Fortuna or Master Teasonai in Cetus. Doing so will open up the Conservation menu in the bottom right corner of their screen, allowing them to track and capture local wildlife without having to kill it.

Once you have both the Tranq Rifle and Echo-Lure, the initial step is to locate a calling point on your map that matches the animal you are hunting. This location will be marked with a small blue icon or you can even use your Codex Scanner for easy location.

Your Echo-Lure can then be used to entice the animal with lifelike calls. While these may differ between species, they all work in the same manner. The call will appear on your mini-map and you must trace it using either your mouse or controller while aiming down sight to ensure you’re at the correct call point.

After tracing the animal’s call, you need to mimic it by holding M1/R2/RT and moving your mouse or analog stick while listening intently. Once the animal hears your imitation, it will respond with one of its own cries.

Remote Pickup

Remote Pickup is one of the ways to obtain a Warframe pet. While various Warframes are capable of capturing animals in-game, it’s best to choose an effective Warframe that can swiftly dispatch any prey you try and catch.

First, venture out into the wilderness and try to capture any wild animals. Doing this will grant you a tag that can be exchanged at traders in each city (e.g. Master Teasonai on Cetus or The Business on Fortuna) for adorable Floof Orbiter decorations as well as emblems.

If you’re lucky, a Conservation quest might come your way as part of the weekly Nightwave mission. Not only will this give you the ability to stand up against the main syndicates in open-world cities, but it will also grant you a tag that can be used towards purchasing an exclusive Conservation Warframe.

As an added bonus, you’ll earn a small amount of Platinum for every successful capture. Use it towards new Warframes, Weapons, Equipment, and more to upgrade your collection!

Earn Intrinsics, which are passives that enhance your Railjack, Archwing, and Necramech skillset and make them even more efficient!

Intrinsics can be invaluable in many scenarios, such as increasing Archwing stats, deploying Necramechs, or even giving Railjack speed boosts! Since these benefits are tied directly to your account, you can take advantage of them no matter which Warframe and Railjack configuration or lobby you’re in!

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