How to Get Pets in Lost Ark:Guide for Gamers

Pets are an excellent way to level up and enhance your quality of life in Lost Ark. They give you buffs, assist with loot detection, and can even be trained for combat assistance.

On August 24, Under the Arkaean Sun will bring a brand-new feature to the game: The Pet Ranch! Players will have an opportunity to interact with their pets, care for them, and trade them in exchange for Jelly Cookies – rewards in the form of Jelly Cookies!

Pets Are A Great Way To Increase Your Level

Pets are an invaluable part of Lost Ark, and they can make a significant impact on your leveling progress. Not only do they grant buffs and help locate loot, but they even award experience points when defeating monsters! Moreover, pet trainers can train your furry companion to help level up faster and smoother.

In the upcoming Lost Ark update, players can enjoy a new feature called Pet Ranch. This allows for pets to be placed within your stronghold territory and communicate with them in real time.

The Pet Ranch will give your pets the opportunity to train and become stronger while creating valuable resources. They’ll earn Pet Expertise to level up while producing Jam Cookies that can be exchanged for rewards.

Your pets can find comfort and companionship at the Pet Ranch, which is divided into two sections – Ranch and Cookie Workshop.

Players wishing to access the Pet Ranch must first upgrade their Stronghold to at least level 15 and own a pet. Once done, players will receive the quest “Yay, Pet Ranch!” from Butler Adeline NPC.

Players can unlock the Pet Ranch feature and utilize four NPCs dedicated to it for trading resources and items. These NPCs will explain all available features in detail.

Pet Ranch will offer many customizable options for customizing your pets’ appearances. You can alter their colors or even have them appear to match another unlocked pet!

They Give You Buffs

Pets offer an immersive gaming experience. Not only can they give you small combat buffs, help locate loot, and access storage remotely – you can even breed them to create Tier 2 pets that will surely impress both friends and foes!

At present, Lost Ark boasts a whopping 20 different pet types. Some have small effects like picking up items that fall from the sky while others can teleport you and your companions to their desired location.

The great thing about these little friends is that they can be taught virtually any skill set you wish, allowing you to customize your playstyle according to personal preferences. Some pets even possess the capacity for taming other animals (a la Tarzan) and crafting weapons of your own making!

They can also offer several other, less tangible but nonetheless significant advantages, such as the freedom to fetch your goods, send mail, and access storage remotely.

Searching for a pet ranch may be challenging, but when you do, the rewards are worth the effort! If you’re searching for an adorable furry companion, the new Pet Ranch in Stronghold is worth visiting. With everything from a Pet Academy to fun activities for you and your furry pals, this location is definitely worth visiting – definitely worth taking the time!

They Help You Find Loot

Pets are essential in Lost Ark, offering minor combat boosts and helping you locate the loot. Cute bunnies and cat-like creatures may look adorable, but they’re also incredibly useful; they pick up loot that’s difficult to locate and can even be used during raids. Furthermore, your pets let access menus like storage or repair while away from town – which comes in handy. With crystalline aura active, pets will also give minor combat bonuses when used during battle – making this feature one of the most crucial in the game – so make sure you have plenty of them!


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