How to Heal Pets in Starbound: Tips For Healing Your Pet

Starbound provides several methods for healing your pets. The most basic option is using either a Pet Healing Station or Mutari Healing Station, but some pets can be healed through other means as well – for instance, captured animals inside filled capture pods can be healed using the Healing II Collar. This article will explain how to utilize these items and other means of healing your pets in Starbound.

Pet Healing Station

Pet healing stations are an essential tool for any pet owner in Starbound. In this game, players can capture and tame a variety of creatures to become their loyal companions. However, just like in real life, pets can get sick or injured and need medical attention to recover. That’s where pet healing stations come in handy.

There are different types of healing stations available in Starbound. The most common one is the Pet Healing Station, which can be used to heal any pet that you have captured and tamed. This station is easy to use, and you can heal your pets quickly without the need for expensive vet visits.

If you’ve captured a pet using a Capture Pod, you’ll need to use a Mutari Healing Station instead. These are better suited to healing pets that require extra attention, and they can heal a wider range of injuries and illnesses. However, using a Mutari Healing Station requires a Healing II Collar, which can be purchased from Terramart.

In addition to pet healing stations, there are other mods available that can help you with taming and caring for your pets. One such mod adds a basic selection of items, including capture pods and healing collars, that allow players to quickly tame their first pets without needing to go to a special pet hospital.

Capture Pod

Starbound is a vast universe filled with all sorts of creatures, from cute and cuddly pets to dangerous and deadly monsters. When playing the game, you may find that your pets sometimes become injured or sick due to their adventures. Luckily, there is a way to heal your pets and keep them healthy and happy – by using the creature healing station.

First, you need to capture the creature you want to heal using a Capture Pod. Once you have it in your possession, bring it to the creature healing station to heal it. This process will restore your pet to full health, allowing it to return to its normal activities.

One of the great advantages of the creature healing station is that you can heal your own pets without needing to spend money on expensive vet visits. This is especially useful if you have a large number of pets, as the costs of veterinary care can quickly add up.

The creature healing station can be found in a remote corner of Starbound and can be accessed by speaking with NPCs who can direct you there. Once you have located the station, you can use it to heal any creatures who have fallen ill, or even help out with farming tasks.

After you’ve healed your creature, it will be able to consume more food and grow faster than ever before. This means you can make more money on the farm. Additionally, healed creatures can be an efficient tool for harvesting crops and herbs, and can even be used to water your plants and other items.

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