How to Evolve Pets in Prodigy and Level Up Your Gameplay

The Prodigy Math Game is an enjoyable free-to-play online game where players can evolve their pets into stronger beings. There are 162 pets available in Prodigy, each with its own evolution level. In this guide, we’ll show you how to evolve a pet in Prodigy; using these tips you can boost both its stats and visual appearance!

How To Evolve A Pet

Prodigy offers a variety of pets, each with its own life cycle. As your pet progresses through levels, it will evolve into another creature and gain additional stats as well as improve its appearance. Some even learn new spells or abilities! Most creatures are based on one of five elements: fire, water, life, snow, and magic – some rarer than others so players may need to invest considerable effort into catching them.

Prodigy allows you to evolve a pet without being a member, but there are certain restrictions you should be aware of. For instance, you are only allowed 10 pets at once and require membership if you want more than that.

How To Evolve A Muckster

A muckster is a small squirrel-like creature that can be evolved in Prodigy. It features black eyes and an adorable beaver-like tail that drips with mud. Evolving it is much simpler than getting a spidey and has an excellent chance of evolving into either terromite or celesteate forms. Furthermore, the creature boasts plenty of spawn points – perfect for leveling up your wizard!

How To Evolve A Bluff

Nebluff is a pet in Prodigy that appears as a floating purple balloon with large yellow eyes and a white belly. It sports a lightning emblem on its head as well as two horns. At level 27, this creature does not evolve into anything else.

It does not possess any special abilities or stats but rather boasts a high HP and damage output.

Prodigy users might enjoy having a truckle as an earth-type pet that you can catch in Firefly Forest. Though its stats are relatively low, it has proven effective at fighting off enemies.

Lightning Bolt can hit hard, dealing a significant amount of damage. Plus, these insects are abundant in Firefly Forest – so grab one for your team!

The only disadvantage to this pet is its difficulty in acquisition. Furthermore, it doesn’t possess enough intelligence or charm to evolve into anything else.

It’s beneficial to have this pet on your team as it can be useful when fighting monsters. Unfortunately, since it’s an earth-type creature, evolving it into something else may prove challenging.

How To Evolve A Terromite

Terromite is a pet that evolves in Prodigy. At level 28, it evolves into a terrosaur; however, terromite does not evolve into any other creatures or things. Evolution used to affect stat growth for pets but with an update only affects appearance now. Terromites will appear randomly across the world so capturing one will earn you rewards and help you progress faster through the game.

How To Evolve A Celesteate

Are you searching for a pet that can evolve into a prodigy? Look no further than the celesteate! Similar to hedgehogs, they can be captured and developed within Firefly Forest. But how does it evolve? Don’t forget to explore our other guides for further tips and advice on raising pets in Prodigy.

How To Evolve Aashlet

Ashlet is a prodigy pet that looks like a phoenix with red feathers, two open wings, and an extended feathery tail. It makes frequent humming noises and can learn special moves. Found in Firefly Forest, Ashlet makes for great leveling up as it’s relatively easy to obtain and fast in battle; evolving into smoldash when reached level 28.

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