Super Auto Pets Strategy Guide: Tipsfor Winning the Game

Super Auto Pets is an enjoyable free-to-play auto battler where you build a team of cute creatures with special abilities. This game appeals to chill players who want to assemble an impressive squad of pets and compete against friends.

Each round, you begin with 10 gold and have the option of purchasing 3 random pets or applying buffs to them. Buffs typically increase their base attack and health stats either permanently or temporarily.


Super Auto Pets is an engaging game that challenges you to assemble your team of adorable animals and take them on battle against other teams. It’s a free-to-play, automated experience that can be played on mobile devices or PC.

There are plenty of ways to play the game, but there are a few strategies that can help your team reach new heights. First and foremost, make sure your teammates use appropriate emojis.

This will guarantee your pets’ emojis appear correctly in the game and on other people’s avatars too. Another strategy is to combine powerful monster pets (like sharks or whales) with strong healers (such as sheep).

The game also offers an innovative pet-scanning feature to help you find your ideal match. This system works with various pet types, such as trolls and gnomes, along with emojis.

Furthermore, the game’s user interface (UI) is highly functional and straightforward to operate with either a touchscreen or mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, running on mobile devices like iPhones or Android is an absolute breeze.


Super Auto Pets is an engaging, friendly, and free-to-play auto battler game. It provides players with a wide variety of pets which can be combined into teams to fight other players at their leisure. Plus, there are various modes and an entirely random battle system.

Buffs are an excellent way for your pets to level up and gain power. They may apply permanent or temporary increases in base attack and health stats, causing them to faint or level up, as well as other effects.

One popular strategy involves using ducks, which grant stat bonuses to all pets in your shop when sold. Keeping several ducks on hand early on can help prepare players for more promising units down the line.

Other effective mid-game units for super auto pets include badgers, hedgehogs and kangaroos. Badgers deal 2 damage to all pets on their side of the team upon fainting which can create havoc for enemies. On the other hand, hedgehogs deal a substantial amount of damage when they faint on their side of the field.

Both animals may appear weak at first, but both become formidable creatures by the time they faint during a match. A level 1 sheep will produce two 2/2 rams upon fainting while a level 1 kangaroo gains an extra temporary buff of +2/+2 every time its pet ahead attacks.

The peacock is an impressive mid-game unit that can be utilized in several ways. When damaged, it grants all its teammates a +1/+2 buff that deals damage to all enemies on its side for a truly impressive unit. When combined with other pets that deal damage too, creating even greater potential damage output!


Super auto pets allow you to build a team of cute pets with unique abilities and then battle other players. It’s an enjoyable free-to-play auto battler with various game modes such as Arena mode where everything happens at your own pace, or Versus mode in which teams engage in intense synchronous battles against each other.

Expansions are an excellent way to add even more variety to your Super Auto Pets team. They grant access to new pets, food, and spells, giving you even greater possibilities for creating powerful combinations.

Pet expansions are most often horses and crickets, though there are other options available as well. Horses are one of the most versatile early units and can be used to boost other Tier 1 units. For instance, a peacock equipped with a camel behind it will gain either +2/+2 or +2/+4 attack buffs each time the camel takes damage, plus its health will be increased when it dies, enabling it to take on larger teams of enemies.

Super Auto Pets players often turn to the duck as an early unit for success. Combining it with a pig will increase both its attack and health, while simultaneously benefitting its own wellbeing.

There are also more exotic pets, such as sharks and whales. When combined with sheep equipped with honey, you can create an incredible team of creatures. Although these may be thrilling additions to Super Auto Pets, you may not find them suitable for your style of play. So be sure to read through the tier lists below before making a final decision on which pets to include in your Super Auto Pets team.


Super Auto Pets is an engaging strategy game that challenges players to build the strongest teams possible in order to defeat other teams. It’s free and its battle portion is automated, making it easy to become addicted! Players who play well can earn various rewards.

One way of increasing rewards is by increasing the number of pets on your team; equipping each pet with honey increases it significantly! Skill pets also give players more power during gameplay by enabling them to utilize their abilities during turns – making them stronger and helping you battle off opponents more effectively.

Super Auto Pets also provides some rewards, such as Event cards and Pets that can be used against rival teams. These pets and events tend to be more powerful than those offered randomly, so it’s essential to develop a strategy before beginning the game.

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