How to Get Pets in BDO: A Guide for Beginners

Pets are one of the greatest rewards in Black Desert Online. Not only do they help you loot corpses, but they can also boost your stats and provide various passive buffs. Here’s how you can get your hands on some adorable creatures:


BDO pets are loyal little helpers that follow your character around and loot corpses for you. While they provide extra gold and experience in-game, they can be pricey to acquire. There are various ways to acquire pets in BDO: completing quests, breeding them, or buying them on the market.

Pets are an integral part of Black Desert Online, as they help you level up faster than without them. Not only that, but pets also provide buffs that increase health and damage as well as improve knowledge and life skills. Overall, pet ownership makes for a much more enjoyable gameplay experience in BDO than without them.

If you’re new to BDO, it may be wise to spend a few months earning silver before purchasing pets in the game. This can be done by completing quests or spending time on the quest hub. You may even get some free pets through Quest rewards and Attendance rewards as well as events available to new players. Afterward, purchase more pets on the market to increase your tier level and receive additional buffs.


Pets are a beloved feature of Black Desert Online, as they provide your character with several advantages. Not only do they serve as companions, but they can also be utilized for gathering and looting treasure.

In BDO, there are several ways to obtain pets for free. The most efficient method is through quests that grant access to various quests such as [ADV Support] Pets, and Loyal Companions which can be found under the Suggested tab in the Quests window. Alternatively, players may breed and exchange pets to raise their level.

You can buy these cute furry companions for real money, though a decent price might only be found on the black market. Pets are fun to collect and even more important for your character’s health; they’ll assist with combat and skill upgrades too!


The latest update to Black Desert Online introduced pets. These furry companions are essential elements of the game, helping players level up by looting corpses and giving them buffs that improve combat and life skills. While getting pets in BDO may be expensive, having a companion along for the journey makes traveling a little easier.

Currently, there are five pet tiers, each offering different buffs that provide benefits to your character. Generally speaking, the higher the tier you reach, the more buffs you’ll receive. Upgrading your pets through Pet Exchange (Pet Breeding), completing quests, or feeding them food are all ways of upgrading them.

Certain events and quests also grant access to special pets like the Panda! These furry creatures boast unique patterns of black and white fur as well as traditional outfits from China and Tibet – find out more about these adorable pets in our full patch notes!

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