Adopt Pets Sims 4: Guide to Adding Furry Friends to Virtual Family

Adopting pets in The Sims 4 is the ideal way to bring new furry friends into your household! Now with the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack, The Sims 4 allows you to adopt pets and bring them into your household!

Breeding cats and dogs on your Sim is a fairly straightforward process. Just make sure to test out your pets’ Wildlife Skills first to determine if they are friendly enough for breeding.


Sims 4 introduces the revolutionary Create-A-Pet feature, offering users endless customization options for their pets, including the ability to adopt pets Sims 4. From hundreds of dog and cat breeds to unique coloring and markings, your Sims can design the ideal animal friend.

Use the power of paint to bring that vision to life! Add vibrant colors, unique patterns, and stencils for an eye-catching effect! Transform your pet into a raccoon or panda by giving them all the rainbow colors they’ve always desired!

Create-A-Pet allows you to design an entirely new animal companion for your Sims that they will adore for years. As they interact with these furry buddies, they will begin developing their own personalities and become part of your true family unit.

Don’t forget about the new veterinarian business in Brindleton Bay, which allows you to care for stray pets in your neighborhood! In Brindleton Bay alone, there are plenty of lonely strays waiting to be adopted!

Adopt a stray dog or cat from Salty Paws Saloon, around the Vet’s Office, or on the beach at Brindleton Bay! Once your Sims have adopted their pet, take them for walks or socialize them with other pets at Central Town Park nearby.

When you have pets, your Sims must ensure they remain healthy and contented. To do this, purchase pet healthcare items at a vending machine in the Vet’s office or from your Sims’ closets. When sick or in need of checkups, bring them to the vet for treatment and checkups.


Finding a home for your furry friend can be done in several ways, but one of the most satisfying is by adopting from one of the many rescue centers near Brindleton Bay and Salty Paws Saloon in Sims 4. Adopt Pets Sims 4 offers a variety of animals to choose from, and you never know when you might spot one of those hidden gems!

The great thing about adopting a cat or dog is that once they are yours to keep, there are no restrictions on how many you can have and they will always come home to you no matter what happens in their life. It’s truly like having your own personal pet!

To maximize the benefits of your pet adoption, it’s wise to take them to the vet for a checkup. This is an essential step in ensuring your sims live a long and contented life. They must also be fed and watered regularly – this can be done either at a local vet clinic or by feeding them from home in your kitchen. Although this might seem tedious for some, it is definitely an essential exercise in pet ownership.


In The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, an exciting new feature allows your sims to breed their own puppies and kittens. However, if you’re looking to adopt pets in Sims 4 instead of breeding, don’t worry! You can always adopt furry friends from the many rescue centers near Brindleton Bay and Salty Paws Saloon. If you prefer building your own unique pet over simply taking one from an AI’s clutches, breeding is definitely for you!

It may appear to be a straightforward process, but it isn’t without its share of potential pitfalls and missteps. For instance, breeding your Sims dog or cat with another Sim who is unfamiliar with either animal would not be advised. Alternatively, you could attempt breeding them with either a stray animal or even using one from the Create-A-Pet menu items. If you are serious about breeding your Sim pets successfully, take time to educate yourself on the process.


If you enjoy playing Sims 4 and want to earn some extra money, becoming a pet breeder could be the perfect job for you. Breeding dogs and cats produce kittens or puppies which can be sold at an inflated price. The process is relatively straightforward; once your babies are grown up and ready, put them up for adoption to earn money quickly.

To begin, select a Sim with the Pet Breeder trait and click “Add Pet.” You can choose one of your existing pets or create something entirely new that looks exactly how you envision it. Furthermore, you have complete control over their pet traits as well as the color and gender of their kittens and puppies.

Once you’ve selected a pet and set it to breeding status, click the button in the top left corner of your screen. From there, you can encourage the animal to breed and have children by making it friends with the Sim who wishes to breed them. However, please remember that mating only occurs if both parties are friends before trying this out.

Finally, it’s essential to keep your kittens and puppies secure and healthy, whether you adopt pets in Sims 4 or breed them. To do this, ensure that your animal receives vaccinations, and has sufficient food, water, and shelter. If you have a lot of pets, considering putting up a fence to stop them from roaming around freely may be beneficial.

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