How toHow to Get Rid of Fleas on People

How to Get Rid of Fleas on People


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Knowing how to get rid of fleas on people is important because fleas can be very irritating. They can bite and leave marks on your skin. Not to mention the embarrassment. Most people would rather ignore fleas than treat them, but this is counterproductive. Eventually, the fleas will be too numerous and uncomfortable to ignore.

Antihistamines Relieve Itching

Antihistamines can reduce the itch that can occur after flea bites. They work by blocking the production of histamine, the chemical that fleas produce to itch. These drugs can be taken in pill form or applied directly to the area. Antihistamines are also effective against the swelling and pain that can result from flea bites.

Fleas are oval, blood-sucking insects that feed on both humans and animals. They have six legs and powerful claws on the bottom of their bodies. The mouthparts of these insects pierce the skin and cause rashes. There are approximately 2,500 species of fleas worldwide, with about 300 species found in the United States. You should visit a dermatologist if you feel that fleas are causing your itching.

Some flea bites may produce red haloes around the center of the bite. In rare cases, a person may experience a more serious allergic reaction around the affected area. The affected area may become sore and swollen and develop a crust or central blister. If you scratch the bite, you may break the skin and cause a secondary bacterial infection. While most flea bites do not require treatment, antihistamines, and antipruritic creams can help alleviate the itching and reduce inflammation.

Antibiotics Treat Flea Bites

Antibiotics treat flea bites on human skin and can prevent them from occurring in the future. The bites are itchy and may swell. Fleas can transmit certain diseases through their bites. In addition to irritation, fleas can infect humans with deadly bacterial infections. If you suspect that you have been bitten by fleas, seek medical attention immediately.

Fleas are microscopic parasites that infest humans and animals. They live in dark, moist areas. They can be found in wood piles, tall grass, and even trees and shrubs. The bites are distinctive, often occurring in clusters of two to four. Some people are allergic to fleas and experience swelling and redness on their skin.

To complete their life cycle, fleas need a blood meal. They live on warm-blooded animals and are most likely to infest homes where pets are kept. Fleas often live in bedding materials and other places where pets may be resting or sleeping.

Children are particularly susceptible to flea bites. They can easily contract fleas from playing outdoors or cuddling pets. Flea bites are itchy and often have a small puncture mark. Fortunately, they are typically harmless and will disappear within a few days. The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the bite and how much you scratch your skin.

Hide Fleas

Fleas are bloodsucking insects that live on humans and pets. These insects are about one-eighth of an inch long with flat, dark brown bodies and long claws on their legs. Regardless of their host, they are considered a pest because their bites cause itching, swelling, and raised skin. The bites can last for several weeks and can even become painful.

Fleas can be found on pets, people, and furniture. They often jump from one animal to another, where they lay their eggs. These eggs hatch into larvae and eventually become adult fleas. If you are exposed to them in your home, it is important to wash your clothing and other household items to kill the fleas.

To get rid of fleas from your home, you need to use a bug spray that contains DEET. This product is highly effective against most pests, including fleas. Apply the spray primarily on your feet and ankles. Fleas live in tall grass and overgrown wooded areas. You can use the same pesticide multiple times if necessary. However, remember that these products take up to four hours to dry.


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