How to Get Epic Pets in Prodigy: A Complete Guide for Gamers

Prodigy Math offers students an engaging world filled with wizard avatars and pet characters to explore, answer math questions to complete epic quests, and earn in-game rewards. With Premium Membership, educators can monitor student progress and align in-game questions to motivate math learning. Web Solarix is a storm element pet in prodigy math. He has an assistant named Pippet as well.


One of the greatest joys in Prodigy is collecting epic pets. These little monsters are an integral part of the game and can unlock various achievements such as epic bosses or extra levels on your XP meter.

Plus, they provide valuable items to collect while exploring the prodigy island. Collecting these magical beasts comes with some luck involved – some easier than others so be prepared! Additionally, some pets will only appear in certain areas so be prepared to travel further for them!


Battles in Prodigy are an excellent way to acquire epic pets. Players can battle other wizards for rewards and experience points (XP). The more XP a player earns, the stronger their pet becomes; generally speaking, fighting people of a similar level is best as they will give you more rewards.

Epic pets can be earned through various means, including by winning an epic quest for a given pet or collecting one of several rare pets found in dungeons and areas. There are also openable items released in select elemental areas that players may collect outside of battle and produce random loot.

Examples include Leaf Piles, Magic Plants, Rustling Bushes, Snow Piles and Wooden Crates which can be found at Firefly Forest, Shiverchill Mountains Skywatch Bonfire Spire Shipwreck Shore Crystal Caverns Harmony Island These items can be opened using either gold coins or the currency associated with their area when opened.


Epic pets are a special type of element pet in Prodigy. These creatures can help players defeat terrifying bosses and complete epic quests! There is an array of epic pets available, each unique in its own way – such as Solarix, which is a storm element pet acquired through fulfilling a quest.

Its sidekick Pippet also belongs to this category and can be obtained either by completing another quest or playing for free in the game.

Alternatively, players can unlock epic pets by winning the daily challenge in the game. These challenges are designed to test players’ skill levels and teach them about various elements of the game. You’ll win these challenges by answering math questions correctly and completing epic quests. Plus, these challenges are aligned with state-level curricula so students get to practice math while learning something new at the same time!

The Prodigy Math Game is a free, fun math practice tool that offers kids the chance to earn prizes, complete quests and play with friends – all while honing their math skills! With over one million teachers and 50 million students worldwide, this game has won the hearts of millions!


Prodigy offers players the chance to unlock legendary pets by completing various tasks. For instance, they can complete a light show and earn access to the Pet Page (see image below), or they can collect squibbles which can be used as currency toward some of the game’s most rewarding achievements.

The best part is that these achievements are not only fun and thrilling, but they also help students learn math. With powerful tools to visualize student progress and align in-game questions, parents can be sure their child is making progress toward something new with Prodigy.

Educators can track students’ achievement levels with ease and provide targeted support when needed. To find out more about our blog about The Prodigy Math Game, feel free to explore it further!

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