How to Age Up Pets in Sims 4:Endless Customization Options

Today, in The Sims 4, you can learn How to Age Up Pets in Sims 4 with the new update that adds the ability to age up pets. This exciting new feature is a welcomed addition and will give your Sims a more believable lifestyle.

Sims who possess the Animal Charmer trait can share their positive emotions with dogs and cats. Their needs will decay much slower than usual while healing from pet sickness occurs more rapidly as well.

Party Objects

The latest Sims 4 update brings the ability to age up pets! Both cats and dogs will be able to experience evolution.

Charmers may not be able to save these pets, but they do possess special emotions such as love and joy that Charmers can share with them. Additionally, their needs decay much slower than usual and they heal faster from pet sickness.

They possess their own personalities and traits which can be tailored to fit into a certain aesthetic. For instance, you could give them the perfect hairstyle and color to match their personality!

Another feature is that pets can be adopted into your Sims family. Furthermore, you have the option of making them part of a family group so you can have multiple pets in one household simultaneously.

This update also introduces a feature that allows you to foster children and pets. This can be done through the “Foster Family Settings” menu, where you can choose which foster kids or pets to adopt based on age, gender, and whether they’re children or teens.

Finally, you can also learn how to age up pets in Sims 4 and have the freedom to select whether your pet is a cat or dog (it’s possible to have both!). These pets each possess special skills which you can unlock as you foster them.

One important thing to keep in mind about these objects is that they may appear randomly and cause some disruption. This can be an enjoyable addition to any party and ensure Sims enjoy themselves!

Party objects such as candles and plates should never be forgotten at a gathering. Not only that, but they can be an excellent way to start conversations or socialize with your Sims during a gathering!


When your Sims reach age 18 in The Sims 4, they can take advantage of some exciting features. These include an age freeze reward and birthday cake that allows them to Blow Out the candles – triggering special cinematics based on their age.

The cake comes with an added bonus – the ability to drink from it! This new party object satisfies Sims’ Hunger and Fun needs, making it one of the many new party objects introduced with patch 4.3.

This object looks fantastic in the party room and provides entertainment for your Sims when they’re having a great time.

While this is a fun little item, it doesn’t really do anything special. Aside from adding to the party room atmosphere, it isn’t quite as useful as something like a birthday cake or bar.

I don’t know if the cake does anything more clever than simply blowing out the candles, but it certainly looks nice and can be appreciated by your Sims. Plus, assembly only takes a few seconds so your Sims can go about their business while taking home an impressive souvenir from their party!

Unfortunately, this feature only works with one Sim. Hopefully, EA will expand it in an upcoming update so more Sims can enjoy this amazing feature! Until then, I’ll be spoiling my Sims with birthday cakes!


One of the many new features in Sims 4 is the ability to age up pets. While this process is straightforward for all ages, the rewards can differ based on your pet’s breed and personality.

When learning how to age up pets in Sims 4, it’s important to consider the breed and aspiration level of your furry friend. For instance, a poodle with an average aspiration level may be suitable for older generation dogs, while a golden retriever with a higher than average aspiration level may have better odds of attending their dream university. Make sure to select a breed that fits your lifestyle and home environment.

The other key to caring for your pets as they get older is having the patience and willpower to give them all of the love and affection they need. Although some pets may be difficult to please, others will reward your loyalty with endless amounts of affection.

There is an overwhelming array of Mods and Content available to assist you with aging your pets, but which ones are worth the hype? I’ve found that the best approach is to use a combination of Sims-related CC and up-to-date mods – this combination provides an enhanced game experience that will keep your Sims busy for years to come!


Pets are an ideal way to interact with your Sims. Not only are they cute, but they can also help them build relationships and provide them with a sense of purpose.

Sims 4 allows you to customize your pets with various traits and personality attributes, giving each Sim a unique identity. This feature allows for endless customization possibilities that make each Sim unique from the others. Additionally, if you want to learn how to age up pets in Sims 4, there are various methods available that you can use to ensure your pets grow up healthy and happy.

When creating a new sim, you must decide the age they should reach. You have two options: Young Adult or Adult depending on what age you think is most suitable for them.

You have the power to decide whether your pet is male or female and then customize the traits associated with each sex. You may also select their fur breed and coat color.

On November 10th, the Cats & Dogs expansion is coming out and it features an advanced “Create A Pet” tool that allows you to customize everything about your pet from its age and personality traits, right down to its coat! Plus, there’s a brand-new veterinarian occupation – run your own Vet Clinic!

If you’ve been waiting for a Sims 4 pet, now is your chance. EA’s upcoming update will bring with it an innovative feature called “Create A Pet,” allowing you to personalize everything about your pets from breed and personality traits, all the way down to their coats and clothing.

This new feature will be accessible for all game life stages and gives your Sim a career opportunity in the Veterinarian profession, where they can run a veterinary clinic, save animals, and make money!

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